"The Power of Data" Seminar


On Wednesday 23 November, Herbert Smith Frehills Spain hosted a seminar entitled "The Power of Data". The seminar focused on defending the value of data as a "key factor in digital innovation and economic progress", covering topics ranging from the geopolitics of data, big data and artificial intelligence to cloud computing and digital platforms.

Among the speakers who took part in the event, Pablo García Mexía analysed the reputational risk for the technological world of social concern about the processing and use of data and warned of the "cyberfatalist" discourse that is taking hold in some sectors and echoing in some decision-making institutions.

While "innovation is the main driver of economic growth", we are witnessing a "reputational risk for the technological world, derived from public concern about the use of technology in the processing and use of data". "It is undeniable that the digital environment is generating problems, although this does not justify a negative discourse and questioning of digital technological progress".

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