Pablo García Mexía, J.D., Ph.D.

Digital Lawyer




An initiative jointly organised by Herbert Smith Freehills and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on privacy and data protection, as part of the university's postgraduate degree in Data Protection in the Digital Society.


Since in Cambridge, MA. (USA) I first got in touch with the Internet back in 1994-1995, just a few blocks away from the MIT, I have been devoting a substantial part of my professional endeavors to aspects related to its policies and regulation. Convinced as I am of that great good that is the free and open Internet, so am I nonetheless persuaded that the Net is not the Far West, this being the reason why I convey to my college students, to the audiences I speak to or to the clients I advice, that Justice and civil rights are perfectly compatible with such a great lever for freedom and innovation as the Internet has come to be.

Along with other experts, Pablo has participated in the report Pagar con datos personales, la nueva moneda de cambio en la ley de consumidores (Paying with personal data, the new currency in consumer law), talking about the "key right" included in the new Royal Decree-Law 7/2021: the consumer's right to suspend payment in the event of...

Pablo García Mexía participates along with other jurists in the article Is it legal to force bars to ask for a PCR or vaccination certificate from their customers? In view of the new health measures, the privacy and data protection expert answers some questions on the matter.

Pablo García Mexía participates in the "Opinion" section of the newspaper Expansión. Under the heading Privacy and other paradoxes of digital capitalism, he addresses the risks to privacy that data bring with them in today's digital society, where they have become the main source of wealth.