Pablo García Mexía, J.D., Ph.D.
Digital Lawyer



New book by Pablo García Mexía and José Morales Ph.D. published by the editorial Wolters Kluwer.

A synthesis of Blockchain´s (and DLTs´) key regulatory aspects, in the context of their    technological bases and of their current implementation traits by   companies and other             organizations. 


Since in Cambridge, MA. (USA) I first got in touch with the Internet back in 1994-1995, just a few blocks away from the MIT, I have been devoting a substantial part of my professional endeavors to aspects related to its policies and regulation. Convinced as I am of that great good that is the free and open Internet, so am I nonetheless persuaded that the Net is not the Far West, this being the reason why I convey to my college students, to the audiences I speak to or to the clients I advice, that Justice and civil rights are perfectly compatible with such a great lever for freedom and innovation as the Internet has come to be.

               New INCIBE cybersecurity hotline

017 creates a direct, confidential and free channel for assistance in this area. We are proud to collaborate in its diffusion. 

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