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Pablo García Mexía,J.D., Ph.D.

Digital Lawyer




Pablo garcía Mexía has been nominated by the Asociación de Expertos Nacionales de la Abogacía TIC for the "ENATIC 2022 Awards" in the category of best digital jurist 2021 in the "ENATIC 2022 Awards", together with Ricard Martinez Martinez and Noemi Brito Izquierdo.

SEMINAR "The power of data: trust and value creation in the digital society".

On 23 November 2022, Pablo García Mexía will participate as a speaker in the seminar "The power of data: trust and value creation in the digital society" organised by Herbert Smith Freehills.



New book written by Pablo García Mexía together with Oriol Pujol Vila y Carlos Feernández Hernández is now on sale. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key technological advances for humanity. This book explores the causes and consequences of all and contributes to enriching the debate on the legal aspects of AI technologies.

More information about the book: 


On Wednesday 23 November, Herbert Smith Frehills Spain hosted a seminar entitled "The Power of Data". The seminar focused on defending the value of data as a "key factor in digital innovation and economic progress", covering topics ranging from the geopolitics of data, big data and artificial intelligence to cloud computing and digital platforms.


Since in Cambridge, MA. (USA) I first got in touch with the Internet back in 1994-1995, just a few blocks away from the MIT, I have been devoting a substantial part of my professional endeavors to aspects related to its policies and regulation. Convinced as I am of that great good that is the free and open Internet, so am I nonetheless persuaded that the Net is not the Far West, this being the reason why I convey to my college students, to the audiences I speak to or to the clients I advice, that Justice and civil rights are perfectly compatible with such a great lever for freedom and innovation as the Internet has come to be.