Decalogue of Principles for internal organizational policy on the use of generative AI


This panel highlights the importance for organizations to address the risks associated with generative artificial intelligence through internal policies; this strategic decision not only has technological implications, but also allows for greater control and mitigation of risks. It is proposed to summarize the principles of internal policies in a decalogue:

  1. Prioritize people and their rights and interests when using generative AI systems.
  2. Tailor AI systems to the specific needs of the organization.
  3. Present the policy in a single document for clarity.
  4. Specialize the policy on issues related to generative AI due to their relevance.
  5. Make the policy easily understandable to all members of the organization.
  6. Ensure the security of proprietary or acquired generative AI.
  7. Maintain transparency both within the organization and to third parties that may be affected by the use of AI.
  8. Promote accountability and responsibility in the use of generative AI.
  9. Promote innovation and ethical development of AI.
  10. Continually evaluate and update policies to adapt to changes and advances in technology and organizational needs.

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